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This site may be down for a few days as transfer is implemented.  The new server will be infinitely more secure from hacking.  The administrators may prove to be significantly more aggressive than has historically been the case.

In the interim a Guide to Attorneys and Firms that have contributed to D’Metria Benson will be published for the purpose of informing clients and their attorneys of those attorneys and firms who have supported D’Metria.

Data is not information;
Information is not knowledge;
Knowledge is not power – until you use it.

Know Who has Contributed to D’Metria’s Three Fundraisers Held in Eleven Months

There is no better argument for Judicial Reform for campaign contributions to Judges than D’Metria Benson.  

As you review the contributors to the D’Metria Benson Campaign you will see that it is very likely that the contributions from large corporate firms to D’Metria over the years (in some cases as much as $15,000) have put her and kept her in office, particularly in light of the fact that she won with one fifth of one percent.

D’Metria Benson began solicitations for contributions in her latest race eighteen months prior to the election. She held three fund raisers in eleven months. Attorneys and small firms who practice before D’Metria were directly solicited, some on multiple occasions for her THREE fundraisers.

Several attorneys have reported feeling ‘compelled’ to contribute which resulted in financial contributions.  Some attorneys have indicated they felt it was CLEARLY in their client’s best interest to contribute.

Attorneys have also reported the need to associate more ‘favorable’ counsel in order to move their case forward.  ‘Favorable Counsel’ was always identified as a firm or attorney found on the contributor’s list.

Be aware of those who have contributed and consider the best course of action for your client.

It is helpful to know whether opposing counsel or opposing counsel’s law firm have contributed to D’Metria Benson’s campaign before, rather than after a hearing.

Raw Data Becomes Information

New Section Labor Day

D’Metria Benson Consistently Ranked Lowest of Judges in Dallas County

It is important to not only know the law before you appear before a Court but to know the Judge.  D’Metria Benson’s Judicial Poll Evaluations results serve as a fair barometer of what to expect in County Court at Law Number One of Dallas County, Texas.

Mission Unchanged

The Mission remains unchanged:

If you or your client have been approached by any attorney or attorneys that claim:

“For whatever reason we do well in D’Metria’s Court”

Please contact: