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It is crucial that the constitutional administration of justice include a judiciary that adheres to black letter law.

It is impossible for attorneys to advise their clients of the law and its consequence in the face of a judge that either does not understand the law or is indifferent to the law.  Conclusions may be drawn regarding these limitations of County Court at Law Number One but the consequence is the same:  attorneys when faced with judges who disregard the law cannot properly advise their clients to take any course of action based upon the law.


It is crucial that the constitutional administration of justice include a judiciary that adheres to black letter law.

D’Metria Benson County Court at Law Number One 2013 Dallas County Bar Association Poll Results

D’Metria Benson 2013 Dallas County Bar Poll Results Ratings Per Question
(Total Ballots: 294)
Number of Responses Excellent Acceptable Needs Improvement No Opinion
Is this judge prepared for hearings and trial? 283 8% 12% 79% 1%
Does this judge issue opinions and orders without unnecessary delay? 284 6% 15% 76% 2%
Is this judge impartial? 282 9% 12% 77% 2%
Does this judge demonstrate adequate knowledge of the law? 281 6% 5% 88% 1%
Does this judge demonstrate a proper judicial temperament and demeanor? 284 7% 11% 80% 2%
Do you approve of this judge’s overall performance? 287 7% 7% 86% 0%

Is this Judge Impartial?  ( D’Metria Benson )

2013:  77% Needs Improvement

2011:  74% Needs Improvement

2009:  76% Needs Improvement


2013 D’Metria Benson Political Contributions Above $5,000 (Link Here) 2013 D’Metria Benson Political Contributions Law Firm $500 (Link Here) 2010 D’Metria Benson Political Contributions Above $1,000 (Link Here and Here) 2009 D’Metria Benson Political Contributions Above $1,000 (Link Here)
The Law Offices of Van Shaw: $5,000Frank Branson P.C. $5,000Haynes & Boone PAC $5,000

Lisa Blue Baron $5,000

Baron & Budd PC: $2,000D

omingo Garcia: $2500

Joe Kendall: Kendall Law Firm: $2500

Gary Berman $2,500

Vinson Elkins $2,000

Baker Botts Amicus Fund $1,000

Deans & Lyon $1, 000

Edward Samson $1,000

Scott Frenkel: Frenkel & Frenkel $1,000

Haynes & Boone PAC: $1,000

Gloria Akin $1,000

Michale Payma $1,000

Henley & Henley $1, 000

Ben Abbot P.C. $1,000

Shamoon & Norman: $1,000

Lynn, Tillotson Pinker & Cox, LLC:  $1000

Fears & Nachawati

Carrington Coleman

Jackson Walker

Eberstein & Witherite

Settle & Pou

McKey Morrison & Sanchez

Johnston Tobey

Sommerman & Quesada

Dunn Shehan

Hunton & Williams $500


It should be noted many firms will make contributions to D’Metria Benson’s opposition as well.  This post made that more likely!

We will post those parties that contributed to both campaigns shortly.  That is clearly the fair course of conduct.

Kendall Law Group $5,000Law Offices Van Shaw $2500

Miller, Cortis & Weisbrod $2,500

Ralph Canada $1,000

Rad Law Firm $1,000

Payma Kuhnel & Smith $1,000

Freidman & Feiger $1,000

Michael Metcalf $1,000

Fulbright & Jaworski $1,000

Munck Carter $1,000 (Leon Carter) now with Munck Wilson Mandala

Baron & Budd $5,000

Frank Branson $5,000

Haynes & Boone $5,000

Ben F. Abbott $5,000

Vinson & Elkins $2,000

Buchannan & Bellan $2,000

Stephen Malouf $1,000 (Link Here)


D’Metria Benson County Court at Law Number One 

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